Hibernians press Pompeo on North envoy


Per Irish Echo.


June meeting tomorrow

Our regular second Tuesday meeting for June is tomorrow night at 7:30pm social time beginning at 7. Normal location, Rosensteel Knights of Columbus Council in Forest Glen, Md. Membership required for meeting but anyone may come for a beer during social time.

Our parishes

The Ancient Order of Hibernians is an Irish Catholic fraternal organization founded in 1836. The Monsignor Wells division, based in Montgomery Co., MD, serves all parishes in the county including:

  • St. John the Evangelist, Silver Spring
  • St. Bernadette, Silver Spring
  • St. Andrew the Apostle, Silver Spring
  • Christ the King, Silver Spring
  • Holy Redeemer, Kensington

Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara’

Our Division is involved in fundraising and volunteer work for the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara’.  This womens’ religious order, sometimes referred to as the “Blue Nuns”, does educational and charitable work around the world.  Their novitiate is located in Upper Marlborough, MD and is drawing many vocations.  If you would like to get involved supporting the order, please contact us.  Here is a recent article about five new sisters who took their perpetual vows on September 14th.

Can I Join the Ancient Order of Hibernians?

This page is designed to answer some of the most common practical questions about membership we receive from perspective members of the AOH.  For general history and background on the AOH (including the many reasons to join!) please visit the AOH National page.

Who can join the Ancient Order of Hibernians?

Membership in the Ancient Order of Hibernians is open to men 16 years or older who are practicing Roman Catholics of Irish birth or descent who are citizens of the United States of America or who have declared their intention to become citizens of the United States of America.

Members of the clergy are eligible for membership even if they are not of Irish ancestry.

Do I have to be 100% Irish?

No.  Any amount of Irish ancestry is sufficient.

Must my religious observance be flawless in order to join?

No.  All that is required is a genuine effort to live the Faith.

Where do I join?

You should join a division convenient to where you live and work.  If you have come to this page because you live in or around Washington, DC contact us about membership here.  If you live somewhere else, check out the Ancient Order of Hibernians National homepage to find a division near where you live.

Where does Division 3 meet?

Division 3 meets at 730pm the second Tuesday of each month at the Rosensteel Knights of Columbus Hall in Silver Spring Maryland.  Although the business meetings are members only, we have a social time from 7-730pm that anyone can attend.

Can I join if work, family, or other obligations prevent me from regularly attending meetings?

Yes.  Each member may participate insofar as their personal circumstances permit.  If you can’t make the meetings, you will have plenty of chances to participate in the many volunteer opportunities, social events, and Irish cultural events we put on.

Can I be both a Hibernian and a Knight?

Yes.  In fact, most members of our division are also Knights.

Can I attend some Ancient Order of Hibernians Events before formally joining?

Yes.  If you just want to see what the Ancient Order of Hibernians is about before joining, come to one of our monthly meetings.  At almost every meeting, we have a half hour of social time beforehand where you can have a beer and talk to some of the members.  You could also come to one of our social events, which we can tell you about if you contact us, and the details for which are frequently posted on this page.

July Social Meeting at Silver Spring-Takoma Thunderbolts Game

In lieu of our monthly meeting, AOH Div 3 will be attending the Silver-Spring-Takoma Thunderbolts game at Montgomery Blair High School this Tuesday July 11.  If you need some extra baseball to get you through the All-Star break, stop by and look for the guys in the green shirts.

This will be our second event this year in support of our local baseball teams, following our participation in Irish Night at Nationals Park.